• Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Production License: 104
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Item Type: Hair Loss Product
  • Quantity: 1pcs/27.5g
  • Ingredient 1: keratin hair fibers
  • Ingredient 2: Hair Fibers Keratin SprayHair Powder Hair Building Fibers Black
  • Model Number: 27.5g refill
  • NET WT: 27.5g
  • Ingredient 3: Tear and pull the packaging
  • Ingredient 4: more convenient to use and save
  • Ingredient 5: Large capacity, more cost-effective

Woman Wan Black Hair fibers Set Hair Growth Fibers Keratin Thickening Spray Hair Building Fibers Hair LossProducts Powder 27.5g

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Product information :

Product name: keratin hair fiber

Quality guarantee period: 3 years

Effect:hair building fiber fibers will assist you to build a natural fuller head of hair in seconds.

Usage method: Suitable for wonmen and Men.

Make sure your hair is dry

Shake bottles over thining area.

You may adjust the amount of fibers on hair.

Gently pat hair to disperse fibers.

Apply holder spray to secure the fibers will be better

Note :Turkey customers please make sure you can pay for the import tax

Suitable for users:

1. Androgenetic alopecia (mainly male)

The most common, persistent loss of hair density on the top of the head, manifested as a shift of the hairline

2. Alopecia areata

It is a sudden localized abrupt, with normal local skin and unclear etiology, which may be related to heredity, allergies, and autoimmunity

3. Hair loss during growth period

A lot of hair loss caused by excessive drug use

4. Stretching alopecia

Long-term stretched hair leads to hair loss

5. Scarring alopecia

Caused by various reasons, hair follicles are destroyed and hair no longer grows; permanent hair loss is formed

How to assemble the sprayer?
1 Unscrew the hair fiber cap.
2 Turn and pull the sieve.
3 Screw the sprayer onto the bottle.
4 Press the pump.
5 Apply more or less pressure to control the amount of hair fiber dispensed.
Frequently Asked Questions
01: Will additional fibers clog pores?
The protein fiber is evenly cut into a diameter of only 0.3-0.5MM, which is 10 times that of the scalp hair follicle, so there is no need to worry about it entering the hair follicle and clogging the pore. Will not affect the normal growth of hair.
02: Does the additional fiber have a peculiar smell?
Using protein fiber, there is no taste, natural color, and natural shape.
03: What are the product ingredients and principles?
The hair-increasing fiber is natural organic KERATIN protein fiber. Through the principle of electrostatic adsorption, the artificial hair fiber is adsorbed to the hair, so that each hair looks 10 times thicker, so as to achieve a natural and realistic visual thick hair effect.
04: How safe is it? Will it cause hair loss?
It has passed the record of the State Food and Drug Administration and the international SGS safety test, and meets the safety standards of China, Europe and the United States. It will not block hair follicles, is insoluble in water, and will not be absorbed by the skin. It is safer to use every day.
05: Must it be used with styling water?
You don’t need styling water for daily work and life. It can be used with styling for outdoor sports or windy weather. If the sparse area is relatively large, it is recommended to use styling water to reinforce it! Because the fiber is adsorbed on the hair by static electricity, the texture is very light and the hair is too Too little or too short will cause adsorption
06: After using the product, does exercise and sweating affect it?
With the use of stereotypes, fiber can be used when playing ball, running, and fitness. Daily sweating will not affect the shape, and there will be no embarrassment of leaving black sweat. However, the sauna and swimming cannot be used~
07: Will it be affected by wind or rain?
Used with stereotypes, it won't affect the styling if it is windy or rainy every day. But please don't get it directly in the rain when it rains~
08: Will it drop fans? Will it be everywhere?
After using it with styling water, it will not drop powder without direct contact, and there is no problem with daily activities. Because the fiber is adsorbed on the hair by static electricity, the texture is light. If you touch it with your hands or rub the pillow, it may be adsorbed a little, but it is dry, not sticky or stained. If you accidentally touch the clothes or On the pillow, it can be removed with a few taps.
09: How long can the effect last?
The effect of hair fiber powder can last for a few days until you wash your hair with a cleansing product. Fiber powder is completely harmless to your hair and hair follicles. There is only one problem if you don't wash your hair, that is, it will be stained and thrown on the pillow when you sleep. If you do not wash it that day, it is recommended that you can put a towel on the pillow.
10: How is the cleaning method?
You only need to wash your hair with daily shampoo to clean it.
11:-How long can the bottle last?
Dear, a bottle of 27.5 grams, normal use 60~75 times, can be used for 2 to 3 months~
12: Why use sprinklers?
The amount of nozzles used can be controlled, and various angles can be controlled more accurately, where the spray is sparse. If there is no nozzle, it can only be sprinkled, and it is easy to sprinkle too much when shaking hands. If you are unskilled, it will be thick and sparse. The nozzle is not one-time, it can be recycled

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