• Brand Name: S2R
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Item Weight: 0.1kg
  • Special Features: Gear Indicator
  • Item Width: 0inch
  • Model Name: K-01
  • External Testing Certification: CCC
  • Item Diameter: 0inch
  • Item Height: 0inch
  • Item Length: 0inch
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  • Condition:100% Brand Ne

  • Color of Light Source:Red/Green/Bl

  • Item Name:Speed Gear Display Indicator

  • Size:20mm*30mm*16mm

  1. Shows current gear numbe

  2. Indicates current gear from 1 to max of 6. as well as a neutral indicator

  3. Auto programmin

  4. Detects the current gear faster than other gear indicators that use speedometer/tachometer signal

  5. Display can be mounted anywhere

  • This product will fit all Kawasaki fuel injected(FI)motorcycles which have on board Diagnostic System connector. This connector is referred as KDS(Kawasaki Diagnostic System) in the Kawasaki manuals.Unlike other gear indicators available for your bike,this product connects to the diagnostic connector.It make the installation very sample. The unit reads data directly from the ECU, offering faster and more reliable readings than competing products.The display is auto learning,there are no button and no "programming wire" Know limitations;Your bike is not equipped with Gear Position Sensor. therefore determining the gear in use is only possible when the engine is running and the clutch is released.

  • Find the 4-pole male diagnostic connector(KDS) under the seat,near the ECU box,It has a removable cap and is either semi-transparent or black in color. Note; you may find TWO of this connector on your bike. In this case, try both connectors, but only one of them will supply date to the SEPP gear position indicator.It will not harm your bike if you connect the SEPP gear position indicator to the wrong plug first. Remove the cap,and connect the gear indicator plug.Route the cable to the mounting location. Peel off the green plastic from the back of the unit,and mount the display. Secure the cable with the cable ties supplied,ensuring that the steering movement is not impaired by the cable.

  • You may find TWO semi-transparent connectors on the bike with a removable cap or dummy plug.Try the second one if the unit does not work from the first one.Disconnect the SEPP connector and check whether the pins are broken,bent or pushed out of position.Reconnect the plug,and make sure that all connections are good and the connector is fully seated.If you can not execute the setup procedure,your battery might be old or weak.Charge the battery or connect another battery using a jumper cable.If some gears are not indicated properly when the engine is running and clutch is released,rest the unit and setup again.If the problem persists.your clutch might be slipping.

  • The unit is completely sealed and epoxy encapsulated, which gives extreme protection for the internal parts from shocks, vibrations and water. To ensure trouble-free operation from the start, all units have been extensively tested prior to shipment.

Package List:
  • 1 x Motorcycle Speed Gear Displ

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