• Brand Name: OLOEY
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Certification: ce
  • Model Number: 0802
  • Funcation: calentador de taza
  • Funcation2: mug warmer
  • Funcation3: cup warmer
  • Funcation4: cup heater
  • Funcation5: calentador taza
  • Funcation7: aquecedor de caneca
  • Funcation8: posavasos
  • Funcation9: coffee warmer
  • Coffee Tea Mug Warmer Pad: Electric Heating Cup Pad
  • mug warmer: cup heater
  • cup warmer: warmer cups
  • milk warmer: milk frother
  • milk heater: warmer mug
  • coffee makers: electric milk warmer
  • electric coffee maker: electric tea kettle
  • Cups of coffee: warming mug
  • glass heater: heat milk
  • coasters: mug heater
  • calentador de taza: calentador de vasos
  • calienta tazas: calentador de leche
  • vaporizador de leche: calentador leche
  • cafeteras: calienta leche electrico
  • cafetera eletrica: taza que se calienta
  • calentador vaso: calienta leche
  • posavasos: mug heater
  • copo termico cafe: caneca eletrica
  • aquecedor de caneca: aquecedor copo
  • aquecedores de casa: copo termico
  • chaleira eletrica: chicaras para cafe
  • copo eletrico: aquecedores de agua
  • aquecedor de caneca: mug warmer
  • home appliance: cup warmer
  • tasse electrique: chauffe tasse
  • chauffe tasse: tasse chauffante electriq
  • heater mug: chauffe lait
  • mug warmer: maintien cafe au chaud
  • chauffandise buffet: chauffe lait mousseur
Color: green/white/pink/red
Size: 12.4*16.4*2cm/cup 7.8*9cm
Material: plastic/ceramics
Power: 16W
Power Cord: about 50cm
*Material: This cup warmer mat is made of high quality plastic materials, heating evenly, safe and durable to use.
*Compact design: Small size, suitable for most stainless steel cups, baby bottles, ceramic cups, glass cups and so on.
*Gravity induction: the cup is automatically powered off when it is removed from the heating coaster, which is very safe
* Function: Keeps coffee, tea or other hot drinks to 55 °C, safe to use.
*Usage: Perfect for home and office, keeping your hot drink warm on cold days.
*Portable: Small size, lightweight, easy to carry or store. It will not take up much space.

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