• Certification: CE
  • Certification: FCC
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Name: Baseus Digital Alcohol Tester
  • Charging Time: About 2-3 hours
  • Charging Port: Type-C interface
  • Input: 5V/0.12A[Max]
  • Weight: About 295g
  • Feature 1: Mini Alcohol Tester With LED Screen Display
  • Feature 2: Portable USB Rechargeable Alcohol Tester
  • Feature 3: Professional Breathalyzer Analyzer Detector
  • Feature 4: Breathalyser Device LCD Screen
  • Feature 5: 2021 New Digital Breath Alcohol Tester
  • Accessory: Type-C interface datacable 1m black

Will the following situations lead to DUI?

Accurate testing to avoid DUI

Digital alcohol tester

Efficient Chip Accurate Testing

Stability and anti-interference for measuring accurately.

Scientific Filter More Accurate Testing
A filter compartment can filter substances except for alcohol for more reliable and accurate testing.

Fast Testing Instant Results
It only takes 20s from blowing to generating results.

No Blowpipe to Avoid Secondary Pollution
Contactless breath testing helps avoid breeding bacteria.

LED Display Clear Readings
A high-contrast L ED display screen is easy to read with values in two units.

DUI Reminder Light/Beep Warning
Different indicator lights will turn on according to the content of alcohol. If over drink, the beep will sound.

Charge Once and Use for 3 Months
A large capacity lithium battery can be used for 3 months after fully charged.

Certified by international institutions

Usage Instructions:

1.Rotate the button knob to turn it on and wait for 10s.

2. Blow continuously towards the air inlet away from 1cm.(In order to be more precise, it is recommended to blow for a longer time.)

3.The value result is shown on the display after waiting for 10s.

Green light on: the result is normal

Yellow light is on with a warning tone: drinking, no driving

Red light is on with a warning tone: drunk, no driving, it is recommended to rest.


【1】 Wait at least 20 minutes after drinking before test-ing. It takes about 20 minutes for alcohol to be absorbed fromthe digestive system into the blood. If the test is conducted im-mediately after drinking, the test result will only reflect the al-cohol concentration in the mouth rather than the alcohol con-centration in the blood. As alcohol is absorbed, the test resultswill dramatically change.

【2】 Please do not directly wipe the device with chemicals orcorrosive solvents to prevent liquid from flowing into themouthpiece.

【3】 If the test is conducted with a low battery, there might bedeviation between the test result and the true value.

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